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Edited by Laurie King and Miriam Lancewood

Jennifer is one of the contributing writers and event speakers representing the book at its London launch (Stanfords, Covent Garden) with Miriam and Laurie and in talks in the UK.

Environmental writer Laurie King and internationally bestselling author Miriam Lancewood present a collection of narrative non-fiction stories and poems on the human connection with nature.

Follow the call of the wild with these incredible true stories from an international group of nature lovers, nomads and adventurers.



“A life-changing and inspiring collection” – Ben Fogle, broadcaster, writer and adventurer

“These inspiring stories speak to the adventurous spirit in us all, urging us to get out of the comfort of our houses and explore the natural beauty of the world.” – Sir Christian Bonington, British mountaineer


“Wilder Journeys is a great example of why connecting to nature and adventure is so important for our souls.” – The Happy Pear twins

“These remarkable stories reveal a multitude of ways in which we can radically rethink our place in the world.” – Oli Broadhead, explorer and photographer

“This wonderful collection of initiatory tales is a potent reminder of what we know to be true but may have forgotten – that we are of this Earth and that our relationship with nature is sacred.” – Max Girardeau, director of The Visionaries


Jennifer’s love of wild places and spaces and adventurous heart along with her musical passions, led her to explore a life overseas in 2013, living in Germany, the Netherlands and finally in Italy. 

In her time abroad Jennifer has travelled around the world to the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, Africa and across Europe, on many wild adventures. Jennifer found that by learning new languages and experiencing different cultures, testing her limits and facing her fears, she could bring more to her operatic performances and to her teaching. Amongst other wild ideas by climbing a 4,600 meter mountain in Africa, hiking high into the Alpi Apuani, snow kiting and cross country skiing in Norway, kite surfing and expeditions in Africa, surfing and exploring in the Caribbean, canyoning, kayaking, wake boarding etc. all alongside her professional singing, teaching and musical life. By testing her limits and experiencing challenging environments, to overcome her fears, Jennifer decided it would be a great idea to combine music and adventures in the wild, music and nature and music within more challenging environments to help other people overcome their own fears and take that confidence into their performing and professional lives.

Jennifer has already led musical workshops and has created a retreat concept that combines singing with nature, one of which was her recent ‘Sing in the Wild’ retreat, held in Bulgaria in the Rodophi Mountains with best-selling writer and explorer, Miriam Lancewood. Together they brought their own unique skills to create a course that offered an opportunity for students to dig deep to discover their true selves in nature and to discover their true voice, for themselves individually and as part of a group experience. They had guest participation and contributions from environmental writer Laurie King, chief editor of ‘Wilder Journeys’, and Angela Maxwell of 'She Walks the Earth' who taught breathing and meditation practices and brought her experiences of walking around the world solo for the last 7 years. The students learned bushcraft and survival skills, making fires with flint, archery, hiking in the mountains and walking alone at night in the forest, and they learned how to breathe for singing, singing technique, song writing practices and sang as a choir at the final evening in a church, performing Bulgarian folk music in harmony and performed other songs. 

"Absolutely wonderful experience. I loved the individual approach and the group exercises. I would definitely take the course again. It inspired me to have the self confidence to join a choir”  - Lydia

Jennifer is now developing her singing retreats programme for use in the UK. The first of which will be held in September of 2024, with Laurie King. To register your interest in participating in singing retreats with Jennifer, use the contact page..

If you would be interested to have Jennifer contribute to your nature writing projects please also use the contact page.

If you are interested in collaborating with Jennifer on songwriting, singing and wellness and singing in nature projects please also use the contact page.

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