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My paintings and expression without technique.

Dear lovely visitors to my blog. I have started painting as a new medium of artistic expression to fill the void of temporarily not being able to sing or teach. So far I am just creating without a care for technique and decided to just go ahead and paint rather than to take classes. I decided this for my piano too, and although I am often frustrated at the limitations of my playing, I am able to use the piano, as with the new found painting, as a source of honest expression. I needed to keep certain areas of my creativity free from the often obsessive quest for 'perfection' that I find in the classical music world and keep the medium open as a source of flow, to commit as it comes to my mind or to the stroke of the brush or the touch of the keys. I make terrible mistakes and sometimes I hate what I have created, but it is still an expression of something within me at that time. When I improvise on the piano I make less mistakes, I can just close my eyes and play for hours (when I am lucky enough to have access to a piano!) I needed this place where I could sit and just let this source of creativity surge through me, without judging it. The paintings are a new arena for me. I am experimenting now with acrylic, charcoal and watercolours, and my mum bought me some oils for my birthday, so that is the next step! When I find the courage to just begin it! It takes a lot of courage to simply begin the creative process, and after many discussions with other artists, I realised how damaging self consciousness is to the creative process. If we can abandon ourselves for long enough to become a vehicle to the creative impulse we can create wonderful pieces of expression. I am championing creativity without limits, go and create!

in the message area below or by subscribing and emailing me! Thank you! If I don't reply to a message please just use my email on the contact page of my website. THANK YOU!

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